Girl You Got a lot of Junk in the Trunk

A couple of months back I was told this comment and for some reason I though they were talking about all the junk I had in my car trunk and was wondering how they knew about it. Well I found out later that this had nothing to do with my car but instead my back side. I really didn’t know how to take this comment as if it was a good thing or a bad thing. On one end it sort of sounds like you’re overweight and basically have a big butt but others say it is actually a good thing. Well I took it really not as a negative but a wake up call to empty out some of that junk I had. So I went researching online on ways to lose weight and also ways to get a smaller butt. I tried a bunch of different things but these two things seemed to work the most. Continue reading


My Experience with Phentermine

So I recently stopped taking Phentermine and thought I would share my experience to those that are thinking about taking it. For one thing I have to admit is that it works well. I know there are a lot of people who are unsure of diet pills and wonder if they really work but I can say that Phentermine works. My goal was to lose 20 pounds and I achieved that goal and then some as I lost a total of 25 pounds. I took Phentermine every morning and it really gave me a boost for the entire day. Besides just controlling my hunger I also noticed I had an increase in energy and it really helped me throughout the day. Continue reading

Should you sign up for a gym membership?

This is a question not only I think about but also all of my friends and family so I’m assuming that everyone thinks about it as well. Gym memberships can sometimes be expensive but they are a way to help get yourself in shape because they have everything you need to make sure you lose weight. The problem is though people sign up for gym memberships, go a couple of times and then never go again and keep getting charged each month even though they no longer use it. So are gym memberships really worth it and should you take the plunge and sign up? Continue reading

Making Sure you Eat Healthily

Every year people promise to themselves that this is the year I will make sure that I watch what I eat and eat more healthily. Doing so will give me extra energy, make sure I stay healthy and also will help me lose weight. Well a couple days later they completely forget about their plan and they are back to the way they were before pigging out on junk food. I myself would fall under this same category as it is extremely difficult for me to eat healthily. When you’re out and about and have a busy and hectic schedule you usually don’t have the time to make sure you eat the proper things so you end up eating fast food which is not good for you. When trying to eat more healthily I’ve learned that these things are important to do. Continue reading

Getting a Diet Plan in Place

One of the best things to do when trying to lose weight is creating a diet plan. A diet plan helps make sure you stay on track while making sure you consume the right amount of calories. Here are some things you need to do to help create a healthy diet plan that will make it easier for you to lose weight more healthily. Continue reading

Getting those rock hard abs

Everyone wants it but rarely admit it, they want a six pack. I’m telling you if I had a rock hard stomach I would be like Mike from the Jersey Shore lifting up shirt for everyone to see. Why wouldn’t I be proud because getting a flat stomach is tough to do especially for someone my age. After just eating a sandwich I can see it in my gut. I’ve recently been looking into simple way to flatten my stomach and I think I’ve come up with somethings to try that might actually work. Continue reading

Eating With a Purpose

One thing everyone loves to do is eat. Whether it being a fat juicy steak or some sort of desert like a chocalote cake everyone has their favorites. However though if you’re trying to be more healthy and lose weight these foods will be a problem and will make it impossible to see any results. When trying to eat more healthly while trying to lose some extra pounds, here are some simple things to tryout: Continue reading