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The Process of Losing Weight

Recently a friend of mines came up to me and started complaining about the fact that she wasn’t losing the kind of weight she expected even though she was eating right and working out. I than asked her how long she has been trying to lose weight and she said one week. I had to tell her that losing weight is a process and you shouldn’t expect to see results in a couple of days. You don’t actually start seeing some real results for a couple of weeks and even sometimes a couple of months. I also asked her about her diet plan and what she was doing to workout. She said she was walking every other day and only eating two meals a day. Again I told her that if she wanted to see optimal results that she would have to work out each and every day and also she needed to stop eating two big meals a deal. She than told me that she had to eat but I told her that instead of eating two big meals a day that she should it five small meals a day. This would help her consume less calories for the day while also being able to control her hunger and still giving her the energy she needs to make it through the day. When losing weight people need to remember that it takes hard work and time. If weight loss was so simple and could be achieved over night we would be living in a world of skinny people. To lose the weight that you want you need to workout every day and make sure to create a diet plan and stick to it. Doing these things every day you can expect to see some weight loss and if you don’t see it in the first two weeks don’t be discouraged because your hard work will pay off and you’ll soon be able to wear the sexy dress or swimsuit.

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