Running, what a drag

I recently began running regularly to make sure I stay in shape and also make sure I control my weight. Running is a great way to lose weight as you will burn off a lot of calories and get a good sweat in. Well recently while running around my neighborhood I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting a lot of sharp pains in my news. When I run I’m usually running on the side walk which is of course concrete. The pain got so bad that I decided to see a doctor because it was no longer just hurting when I was running but also during my daily life at home and at work. My doctor said that the problem may be that I don’t have the right type of running shoes and asked me what type I had. I didn’t know what type I had and told him it was a pretty one with some pink in it. He then gave me some recommendations of shoes I should try out and I did. They may not be as pretty as my other ones but let me tell you this, my knees are no longer hurting and that’s all that counts!


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