Tips on Buy Running Shoes

I’ve talked a lot about losing weight and different ways of doing so and one way that I’ve mentioned quite a few times is running. Running is a great way to burn off some of that extra weight but I’ll admit it’s not the easiest thing to do. I recently started running and noticed that my feet were beginning to hurt a lot after every run. I decided that I could no longer use the shoes I had and went to the mall to find some new running shoes. Let me just say this, every running shoe is not created equally. So when looking for the right running shoe for you, here are some things to do when you’re at the store figuring out which one to get.

Make sure that you visit the store after a daily run. Your feet swell after a running session. You’ll want to make sure your running shoes allow for this swelling. Also wear the socks that you normally use to run. Thin socks with padding around the sole are best. Also make sure you try on both sides because your feet usually aren’t identical in size.Run around the store. If you feel any rubbing, let the salesperson know. The shoes should feel snug, but not tight. And make sure you remember that shoe material doesn’t stretch. Don’t expect a tight shoe to loosen up over time. It won’t.

When people go to the store and buy new running shoes they usually go for the one that looks the nicest, (including myself) but remember that comfort is a lot more important than style.


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