The Treadmill

Every time I go down to my gym I always see everyone on the treadmill. Personally I think it’s the most popular workout machine and is a great way to lose weight. I always see people younger than me on them going at a pace that I couldn’t keep up with no matter how hard I could try. When I first started using the treadmill I will admit that I probably didn’t use it properly and either did to much or not enough. Over the months that I’ve been using it and also talking to trainers at my gym I’ve come out with ways that will help you use the treadmill to help with your weight loss and make sure you don’t over do it.

When using the treadmill make sure to Increase your workout slowly. You should stay at one level for four weeks before moving on to the next level of difficulty. Any faster and you risk over-tasking your muscles or sustaining an injury. This is one of the most important tips for treadmill workouts to keep in mind. Burn-out is frequently the result of trying to rush to results.

It is also essential to stretch your muscles and warm them up slowly by walking at a speed of no more than 1.5 to 2 mph for a minute or two. Switching from the heels to the toes for thirty seconds each, then stretching out your stride for another minute will help stretch all muscles properly. If you’ve increased your level of fitness after a time, you can increase the speed of your warm-up to as fast as 4 mph, which is basically power-walking or a light jog.

After working out on the tread mill it is important to cool down. Hopping off the treadmill after running and sitting down is an invitation for muscle cramps or worse. You need to slow down the pace and allow your muscles and heart rate to return to normal while you are moving.


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