Should you sign up for a gym membership?

This is a question not only I think about but also all of my friends and family so I’m assuming that everyone thinks about it as well. Gym memberships can sometimes be expensive but they are a way to help get yourself in shape because they have everything you need to make sure you lose weight. The problem is though people sign up for gym memberships, go a couple of times and then never go again and keep getting charged each month even though they no longer use it. So are gym memberships really worth it and should you take the plunge and sign up?

First, people overestimate the number of times they will actually make the effort to get to the gym. Secondly, they are proud of themselves for seemingly saving money by buying a gym membership that includes many free services, whether they actually use them or not. The free child care was more worrisome than helpful, I never actually went to a free aerobics class, and being a redhead with fair skin, I have never nor will I ever use a tanning machine, even if it is free.

Before you pay for a gym membership, evaluate your lifestyle. Be realistic in your estimation of the time, energy, and cost you will be able to dedicate to working out at a gym. Then, ask yourself if the benefits outweigh the costs. You may find that joining a gym really isn’t the best way to work out.

I finally realized that for my particular lifestyle, a Pilates workout video during my baby’s naptime was a perfect (and cheaper) way for me to work out. For most people, even just committing to a good brisk 15-20 minute walk at least three times a week can do them a world of good, and it doesn’t cost a penny.



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