Food that Helps you Burn Off Fat

You may not believe this but there are actually some foods out there that can help you burn off fat. So basically you could eat these foods and it will help you lose weight. These types of foods are considered Good Foods. Here is a breakdown of some that you can eat when trying to lose weight.

Goods foods are often defined as those that are plentiful in nutrients.  Good examples are calcium, iron, zinc, protein and vitamins.  You will find these foods are rich in unsaturated fats and complex carbs with a low calorie content.  Be sure to include these types of foods into your diet.

1.  Complex carbs foods:  Simple carbs are found in a lot of junk foods and is quickly converted into glucose.  This is bad because it raises you blood sugar level and fat level.  Complex carbs foods on the other hand take time for the body to digest and because of this they will not add to your fat.  Unlike simple carbohydrates (as available from junk foods) which get converted into glucose quickly and raises your blood sugar as well as fat level, complex carbohydrates take time to digest and as such, don’t make you fat.  Load your diet up with complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, seafood (tuna and salmon), chicken, vegetables and fruits.

2. Unsaturated fats foods:  What is really great about foods with unsaturated fasts is that you get good nutritional value.  These foods will not create more body pounds for you like fast foods bit will add to your fat.   Good examples are fishes (in particularly oily types of fishes), and some nuts are plentiful in unsaturated fats.

3. Protein foods:  Protein is very important to our bodies.  It is considered a body builder, which helps your body build muscles.  Muscles of course burn fat.  When you have muscles, you have a flatter body, which is also stronger.  Two common foods that are rich in protein include lean chicken and eggs.  Be sure not to use fatty oil to cook these foods, if you do then you lose the nutritional value.  It is best to roast or steam foods.


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