Going on a Raw Food Diet

In my quest to lose weight I’ve seen a lot of different theories on what can help you lose weight and what can cause you to gain weight. One that was interesting to me that I saw come up several times is about dairy free diet. From my research one thing that was most of interest to me is that humans should not consume dairy product because it is not meant for humans. One of the big things was the fact that we drink milk from cows that are meant for their babies. When you think about it, there does seem to be something inherently amiss, when humans make a lifelong habit of eating the baby-milk of other mammals.

This is compounded by the fact that dairy is produced on an industrial scale and often contains traces of antibiotics, hormones and chemicals which are not good for us. Totally fresh, organic milk is difficult to source for many people.

My head tells me that dairy cannot be part of a truly healthy diet. But my heart? My heart loves homemade ice-cream, milk in my tea, butter on my toast and mashed potato, because these are the tastes of my childhood, ingrained into whatever primal part of my brain that deals with food. I have tried soy substitutes and no matter what people say, they just don’t taste good to me, even though I love tofu and eat it as regularly as the residents of Beijing!

However, in my own journey towards a healthy diet, I am cutting down on dairy, gradually and over time, I imagine I will cut it out completely. I have found that a little olive oil, or vinaigrette, drizzled over my toast, is a nice alternative to butter and since I have taken up white tea, I don’t often have my traditional black tea with milk anymore, unless I am under a lot of stress, in which case I seem to revert back to the old reliables!


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