The Most Important Thing When Trying to Lose Weight

So I’m trying to lose about 10 pounds to not just look better but to also get healthier and I admit it has been extremely difficult. Every time I see someone eating any type of desert I just want to rip it from out of their hands and eat it. I haven’t done that yet or else I would most likely be writing this post from prison. As I’m trying to lose this extra weight it has become clear to me what the most important thing is when trying to lose weight and that is having a detailed plan. I know most of you are probably saying “Duh, that’s pretty obvious” but it is really important.

When I first started to try and lose weight I decided to eat better foods, exercise and take a diet pill. As the days started going by I began to realize that I haven’t done any of these things because I “didn’t have the time.” After those days and realizing that I had actually gained weight and worked out a very detailed plan and schedule. I wrote down the exact times I would eat and what I would eat. Also worked out the days and time of when I would go to the gym and exercise and made sure to keep my diet pills with my vitamins so I wouldn’t forget to take them.

After creating this plan and having my wife make sure I stick to it things have been a lot easier. I now have structure to my weight loss routine and know what to expect. By having a plan in place it helps make sure there are no missteps and really does make it easier to lose that weight you want to.


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