Losing Weight with Cardio Workouts

cardio workoutWhen it comes to losing weight the first thing you need to realize is that it is a process and will take work. To me one of the toughest ways of losing weight is by working out with the toughest being cardio workouts. A cardio workout is basically you exercising on a cardio machines in the gym such as treadmills or recumbent bikes. When working out on cardio machines most people will see some weight loss results within 2 – 3 weeks. As time goes by though you may see your weight loss results slow down even to the point where you don’t see anything happening. When this happens here are 2 things you can apply immediately to stop that from happening.

The first thing is to do whatever you can to distract yourself during cardio workouts I know cardio workouts can be pretty boring – imagine doing the same old thing over and over again, and you’ll eventually give up doing cardio workouts because the boredom has gotten to you. One thing you can do is to distract yourself during cardio workouts – some people either listen to music, watch television, read books, or even play hand-held games just to distract themselves throughout the whole process – and before you even know it, your 60 minute cardio workout is over!

The next thing is to realize your body will start burning fewer calories over time The first time you work on a cardio machine, you’ll find that your body burns alot of calories. However, when you are doing the same type of workout over and over again – over time, your body will adapt to it and your body will start to burn fewer calories.

The only solution here is to extend the time you work on these cardio machines – let’s say in January, you may be working on it for 30 minutes. You may want to extend this to 45 minutes or even 60 minutes in March.

By following these things you can expect to see proper weight loss from your cardio workouts. Just remember that losing those extra pounds takes time so don’t give up.


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