On the fast track to a hot bikini body

Every women wants that hot bikini body that they can show off at the beach and the pool. Honestly though most women just can’t do it. Women now a days don’t have the time to lose the weight to look great in a bikini. They have kids, a job and a husband which doesn’t leave them with much me time. So what is a working woman to do to look sexy in that bikini this Summer. Well here are some simple things you can try to do.

The first thing that you should try to do is get some exercise. I know you don’t have time to go to the gym so you will need to find other ways to burn off some of those calories. One thing you can try to do is taking the stairs instead of the elevator. This will really get your heart pumping while also toning your back side. Another workout tip is to try to walk when possible. Instead of driving some where close you can walk which will help you burn off some of that fat.

After getting exercise you are also going to watch what you eat. I’m not telling you to go on one of those major diets but instead try to avoid fatty foods and deserts. If you are able to stay away from things like soda, chocolate and other other foods with a lot of sugar you will be able to shed off some of that wait. Another tip that will help you look great in a bikini is finding a bikini that matches your body type. Trying on bikinis and seeing what style fits you best will help you look sexy in a bikini.

This Summer when you are the pool or beach looking hot in a sexy bikini, you’ll realize all the work you did to get that body was well worth it!


The Process of Losing Weight

Recently a friend of mines came up to me and started complaining about the fact that she wasn’t losing the kind of weight she expected even though she was eating right and working out. I than asked her how long she has been trying to lose weight and she said one week. I had to tell her that losing weight is a process and you shouldn’t expect to see results in a couple of days. You don’t actually start seeing some real results for a couple of weeks and even sometimes a couple of months. I also asked her about her diet plan and what she was doing to workout. She said she was walking every other day and only eating two meals a day. Again I told her that if she wanted to see optimal results that she would have to work out each and every day and also she needed to stop eating two big meals a deal. She than told me that she had to eat but I told her that instead of eating two big meals a day that she should it five small meals a day. This would help her consume less calories for the day while also being able to control her hunger and still giving her the energy she needs to make it through the day. When losing weight people need to remember that it takes hard work and time. If weight loss was so simple and could be achieved over night we would be living in a world of skinny people. To lose the weight that you want you need to workout every day and make sure to create a diet plan and stick to it. Doing these things every day you can expect to see some weight loss and if you don’t see it in the first two weeks don’t be discouraged because your hard work will pay off and you’ll soon be able to wear the sexy dress or swimsuit.

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Running, what a drag

I recently began running regularly to make sure I stay in shape and also make sure I control my weight. Running is a great way to lose weight as you will burn off a lot of calories and get a good sweat in. Well recently while running around my neighborhood I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting a lot of sharp pains in my news. When I run I’m usually running on the side walk which is of course concrete. The pain got so bad that I decided to see a doctor because it was no longer just hurting when I was running but also during my daily life at home and at work. My doctor said that the problem may be that I don’t have the right type of running shoes and asked me what type I had. I didn’t know what type I had and told him it was a pretty one with some pink in it. He then gave me some recommendations of shoes I should try out and I did. They may not be as pretty as my other ones but let me tell you this, my knees are no longer hurting and that’s all that counts!

So what’s the deal with Phen375?

Recently I’ve heard a lot of talk about the diet pill phen375 and how affective it was for some people I knew. This is a type of Phentermine diet pill that helps control your appetite so you eat less and are able to lose weight more quickly. A couple of friends of mine took it and I recently asked them if they could give me a review on how it worked for them. All of them said that if you take phen375 properly it works great. They all saw significant weight loss and they didn’t have to much to get it. They were able to eat less calories per day plus they said that by taking phen375 they had an increase in energy which helped them with the workouts. Next time I’m on a diet I’m probably going to check out phen375 on Phentramin-d.

The Treadmill

Every time I go down to my gym I always see everyone on the treadmill. Personally I think it’s the most popular workout machine and is a great way to lose weight. I always see people younger than me on them going at a pace that I couldn’t keep up with no matter how hard I could try. When I first started using the treadmill I will admit that I probably didn’t use it properly and either did to much or not enough. Over the months that I’ve been using it and also talking to trainers at my gym I’ve come out with ways that will help you use the treadmill to help with your weight loss and make sure you don’t over do it. Continue reading

Tips on Buy Running Shoes

I’ve talked a lot about losing weight and different ways of doing so and one way that I’ve mentioned quite a few times is running. Running is a great way to burn off some of that extra weight but I’ll admit it’s not the easiest thing to do. I recently started running and noticed that my feet were beginning to hurt a lot after every run. I decided that I could no longer use the shoes I had and went to the mall to find some new running shoes. Let me just say this, every running shoe is not created equally. So when looking for the right running shoe for you, here are some things to do when you’re at the store figuring out which one to get. Continue reading

Easy Diet Meals

Well I haven’t had a video in a while so I decided to share one this week. One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is go to Youtube and search up new recipes. It’s easier for me to learn visually so these videos are a great way to learn and try out some new recipes. Of course I only try to learn healthy recipes that will help with my weight loss. This week I found this video below and decided to try it out. I will admit I’m not an expert in the kitchen but was able to do easily handle making this meal. I followed the instructions from the video and was able to create it. I will admit that it tastes as good as it looks. I really enjoyed making this and recommend others to try it out for themselves. Continue reading